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TOP FENCE is a dynamically developing company specialising in designing and manufacturing of steel constructions, halls, balustrades and other elements applied in industrial installations and  general construction.

We optimize the technical documentation in respect of customers’ requirements and make effort to simplify and accelerate the whole process of production. At the same time, we attempt to reduce the total weight of a construction without violating the building standards and project assumptions. We realize that every company is only as extraordinary as people who work for it, therefore our key to success is  a team of reliable people who are knowledgeable about their job and guarantee invariable quality of service.

The company was established in 2008 and since then it has been developing. The development of the company is clearly reflected in the growth of production capacity. At the same time, we expand the network of selected suppliers who have contributed our success. Nowadays, TOP FENCE can manufacture and assemble 60 tons of steel constructions monthly, alternatively 1000 linear metres of balustrades powder, coated or hot-dip galvanized. Currently, TOP FENCE is developing a new strategy, based on expansion on western markets and export.

Besides, TOP FENCE provides its customers in the areas of: fencing installation, wire mesh, garage door, gateways, bespoke fence systems and gate drives. We are a licensed representative of the Italian company BFT, a producer of home access automation.

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